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ECU - New (639592360435)

The ECU - New is a new OEM Electonic Control Unit that completely transforms the capabilities of your machine. We load a new ECU with our performance tuning parameters designed specifically for HMF Exhaust Systems.  The HMF ECU - New is a new unit we obtain directly from the dealer. We strive to ship new ECUs within 24 hours of purchase or original ECUs within 24 hours of us receiving them.

Model Specific Modifications

Polaris General™

  • More linear throttle control
  • Throttle optimized to stay open 100% at WOT
  • Torque limiters removed
  • Part throttle and wide open throttle fueling adjusted for HMF exhaust but will work with most other aftermarket exhausts
  • Ignition Timing Optimized for 91 octane fuel
  • Fan On temps lowered from 204 degrees to 186 degrees
  • Rev Limit Raised 400 RPMS from 8800 to 9200
  • Speed limit raised from 71 MPH to 95 MPH
  • 5-6 HP gain to the wheels
  • Clutch Tuning may be required

Disclaimer: Changing the operating parameters in the ECU may or may not void your vehicle warranty. For more information on this contact your local dealership. HMF flashed ECUs are for closed course competition use only and may not be legal to use on certain property. Check your local and federal laws. HMF will not be held responsible for consequences incurred while using your vehicle with this ECU. ECUs are sensitive electronic devices. Avoid high static electrical charges when handling your ECU. HMF will not be held responsible for an ECU that arrives at HMF with physical or electrical damage even if it “worked when you removed it”.

By adding to the cart & purchasing the ECU from UTVHQ/HMF, you understand the above information.

Select ECU Options :
Turf Mode
ADC - Active Descent Control
EPS - Electronic Power Steering
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