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AT Warrior Tires (AT-WARRIOR-30-10-14)

AT Warrior tire is the ultimate all-terrain tire for your machine! This DOT approved all-terrain UTV tire is perfect for both the highway and the backwoods thanks to its patented tread pattern and Kevlar belt package. The ¾” tread depth and patented tapered pyramid tread pattern works like a tank tread to grab and compress the terrain, allowing it to grip harder than other tires with deeper lugs. This gives you universal grip on road, dirt, loose gravel, and sand. The AT Warrior takes advantage of unique Ejector Ribs that keep dirt and mud from clinging to the tire between the lugs. This gives them to ability to clean out completely for continuous traction. We even siped the lugs to ensure that every last inch of this tire is designed to grip. And they’re available with hard or sticky (soft) rubber compounds so you can have even more traction! These tires grip where others slip! 

DOT Approved—Backwoods Proven 
The AT Warrior is quiet and vibration free at highway speeds. That’s because when we set out to create the AT Warrior, we wanted the best of both worlds on our UTV—smooth, comfortable road riding and aggressive, uncompromised trail riding. With our patented tread pattern, 8-ply construction, and Kevlar belt package we’ve delivered just that. You’ll have great traction and a quiet, smooth ride as you’re driving down the road. 

No Compromise 
Don’t compromise—you can have comfort and aggression. We’ve made the smartest, smoothest, and best all-terrain tire we could—because we’re riders who don’t compromise, and we know you won’t either. 


  • DOT Approved all-terrain UTV tire
  • Perfect for highway use:
    • no noise
    • no vibration
    • smooth feel
  • 8 ply construction
  • Built in rim guard
  • 1-of-a-kind patented lug pattern
  • Custom design for maximum cleanout and traction
  • Made with Kevlar belt package
  • Available in hard or sticky (soft) rubber compounds

Tire Size Tire Compound Tire Weight
30x10-14 Standard 40 lbs
32x10-14 Standard 43 lbs
30x10-14 Sticky (soft) 39 lbs
32x10-14 Sticky (soft) 42 lbs
Choose Tire Compound and Size :*
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